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Great service for a refi. Matt and Daryn presented multiple options, put a plan in place and significantly advanced our long term financial goals. If you want your money to start working better for you while moving towards financial freedom; then I highly recommend contacting Arrive for ANY financial goals you want to achieve. We were very satisfied with our experience, and will continue to utilize their expertise in the future.

Jason A

Recently completed our third refi (this tine with cash-out) and this was by far the best experience all around. Scarred from our previous two experiences we went in pretty skeptical but wanted to take advantage of the low rates. From go the team was very responsive, everything was presented and explained as simply as possible and we came away with total confidence in our financial decision. We’re now working with the team for Financial Consulting and it’s already paid for itself 10 fold!

Lucas D

The refinance that I just did with ARRIVE Home Lending was truly first class. Not only did Daryn and his team help to lock in a phenomenal rate, but they also coached and help me to see the bigger picture for financial freedom, which to me and my family is much more important that just a Rate and Term Refi flip.

John S

Recomiendo ampliamente los servicios de ARRIVE después de consultar múltiples opciones para el refinanciamiento de nuestro townhouse, me senti muy confiada de tener un asesoramiento en mi idioma y sin letras chiquitas por parte de Daryn y su equipo, también de haber tenido apoyo y recomendaciones para nuestra libertad financiera en el proceso del refinanciamiento.

Definitivamente el proceso se hizo mucho más fácil y confiado por el gran conocimiento en el ramo de ARRIVE en cuanto a nuestras necesidades específicas y el trato súper personalizado de nuestro broker.

Obviamente uno de nuestros mayores intereses era obtener el mejor número en cuanto a refinanciamiento, digámosle así el “Best RATE” posible en el mercado. Yo y mi esposo quedamos súper satisfechos con ese número final, y por supuesto fue el trigger para quedarnos con ARRIVE. Una empresa recomendable y confiable.

Alejandra N

“Thank you Daryn and Matt for all your assistance throughout the loan refinancing process.” Your knowledge and professionalism was truly wonderful and very much appreciated! Working with both of you was a great experience! I will gladly send anyone I know in the market your way!

Pattie R

Arrive made the process as easy as possible. Paint by numbers way of submitting documents and updating you as you zip through the approval process. I got an fathomable interest rate and they were highly communicative with me through the process. Thank you Arrive!

Vic G

Unbelievable. A mortgage broker who cares more about your family’s future than the transaction. Daryn and Matt are not only a pleasure to work with as wonderful human beings, they’re also professional, responsive, and experts at their craft. I’ve already referred a friend and will refer more people. There’s no higher praise I could give ARRIVE. Reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. Amazing.

Steven T

The Arrive team is amazing. I worked with Matt on two different occasions. He helped me with a financial fitness assessment as well as a construction loan. Both experiences were great. He’s knowledgable, engaged and trustworthy. He and the team did a lot of proactive work to ensure the meetings we had were productive and action oriented. I’ve recommended Arrive (and Matt) to both friends and family. He’s become my go-to person for anything related to financial health or lending.

Andrew D

This review was based on my experience with ARRIVE back in 2020 since mortgage rates were at an all-time low. My husband and I jumped at the opportunity to refi our mortgage. We came across Arrive Home Lending and were delighted by their thorough explanation and education on the process. Daryn and Matt were incredibly helpful and transparent about their services which we found very refreshing. Unlike many lenders who tend to be pushy and oftentimes, misleading, Arrive carefully explained each quote’s pros/cons. Although we ended up going with another lender, we continued to work with Arrive in other aspects such as financial consultation to identify other ways to save. We highly recommend Arrive to anyone who’s looking to refi or save on other areas especially in this current economic climate.

Katherine K

Matt Lee and the team at ARRIVE are true professionals. Matt coached me the entire way along the journey and in the end didn’t even get my business. He completely deserved it, however due to a low appraisal we had to look at alternative options and I ended up with a better option with my bank. Matt told me I should take that option. Integrity, honesty, transparency, promptness, etc. All star team at ARRIVE. Not if, but when I do business with ARRIVE.

Tyson S

I recently used Arrive’s services on a super jumbo loan refi. My wife and i had a very pleasant experience with matt and daryn and had a good feeling about them from the get go. They are professional, polite, and incredibly responsive even during weekends. Daryn took the time to explain things to me in detail and in terms i could understand.

With Arrive I knew where every dollar was going which is more than i could say about my prior refi experiences. I left the experience more knowledgeable than going in and that is valuable.  Matt and Daryn are stand up guys and i would highly recommend them for your refi.

John M

I worked with the ARRIVE team on a complex refi and I found their guidance to be extremely valuable when considering my options.  They did a great job at making a complex and stressful process as simple and transparent as possible. I highly recommend them for both home lending and financial consulting.

Jesse K

I recently refinanced my house with this team and I would highly recommend them to my family, friends and anyone considering a refinance. Their work is extremely thorough. They answered all of my many questions and went above and beyond to offer options and explained each in great detail.

Lacey S

Daryn and the team at ARRIVE Home Lending provided excellent service and communication throughout our entire mortgage refi process. They were almost always accessible, and if not immediately available, someone was very quick to respond to our questions and/or needs. We shopped rates with a few brokers and we found Arrive’s rates to be competitive, but their customer service was far better – never did we feel like we were being “sold” to. They did a great job of getting us to think about our financial goals, not just with the refi, but how the refi could impact our overall plan for continuing to grow our wealth. None of the other brokers did this, they just asked what rate and term we were looking for and did their best to push the deal through. If you’re in the market for a refi, I HIGHLY recommend ARRIVE Home Lending.

Jill L

Daryn and Matt were professional and knowledgeable. Their approach is straightforward and honest. Unlike many lending companies, there was no bait and switch. They made an often painful process manageable and easier. Everything was digital and there was constant clear communication. My loan was very complicated and they helped me throughout the process. I honestly felt like they were looking for the best loan that met my goals. They offered a customized solution for me rather than a standard loan. I highly recommend them.

Kathy P

Unbelievable. A mortgage broker who cares more about your family’s future than the transaction. Daryn and Matt are not only a pleasure to work with as wonderful human beings, they’re also professional, responsive, and experts at their craft. I’ve already referred a friend and will refer more people. There’s no higher praise I could give ARRIVE. Reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. Amazing.


I have been through my share of refinances and no experience was better than working with Daryn. From the very first point of contact to exchanges well after the closing process was completed, he was always there to guide me and share his wealth of knowledge on finances in general. Daryn communicated all stages of the refinance promptly and clearly, so I was never confused about what to expect. He was also very quick to unblock any obstacles that popped up. I felt secure and safe with my refinance in his hands.

One thing I appreciated the most about Daryn is how incredibly thorough and transparent he was from beginning to end. As an example, he helped me objectively break down the different loan options that he offered, and also helped me compare those with the best competing offer I had from a different lender. He treated each offer with equal respect and helped me understand under which circumstances they would benefit me the most (even the one from the other lender). It was clear he had my best interest at heart.

All in all, I will definitely be giving Daryn a call for any future purchase or refinance! Thank you Daryn!

Jon P